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Here At Monkey Playland we have tried our best to answer all your FAQ

Is there on-site parking?
Yes, there is ample free parking outside Monkey Playland, we have 3 car parks & more .

What age is the Indoor Play Centre suitable for?
The Indoor Children’s Play Centre is suitable for ages 0 to 12 inclusive.

Can children wear shoes on the play equipment?
No, shoes must be removed at reception before children enter the play area.

Do you have disabled facilities?
Yes, we have a wheelchair friendly toilet. In addition, access into the building can be increased by opening an additional door plus the floor is level and without steps.

The play equipment only has limited availability to disabled children depending upon the disability. We do have set dates exclusive for those with disabilities. Please ring for more details. 

Am I allowed to take photos or videos?
We understand how people like to capture special moments so we do allow you to, however, you may only take photos or videos of your children ONLY.

Do you limit the children’s play time like other centres?
Yes, we have a 2 hour time limit. If you are to go over, you will have to pay extra charges before you leave. You’re welcome to enjoy the fun and facilities for your stay.

Why can’t my teenagers play?
Firstly, our insurance only covers children up to and including 12 years with adult supervision.  Secondly, some of the play facilities aren’t designed for older children where they could pose an increased risk to toddlers and small children getting hurt.

What should my child wear to use the play equipment?
Socks are compulsory to maintain our high levels of hygiene and protect children’s feet. If you’ve forgotten your socks, you are welcome to ask our reception staff for spare socks. Children must wear long sleeved tops and trousers to use the drop slide.  Shoes are not permitted while playing on the play features.

I don’t have any cash.  Can I pay by card?
Yes, you can.  There’s a minimum transaction of £3. In addition, we can offer you a no fee cash back service.

Can I breastfeed my child?
Yes, and if you would like to go somewhere more discreet just ask a member of staff.

Can I leave my children while I pop outside the building for a cigarette or to go to my car?
Unfortunately not. Your children cannot be left alone as they are your responsibility at all times, unless you have some one to take care of your child while you nip out.

Do you cater for allergies?
Yes, if you speak to a member of staff we can cater for your needs.

Do you have a baby changing area?
Yes, we have them in both the boys’ and girls’ toilets.

Do you have a special area for my baby/toddler to play in?
Yes, we have a specially designed Baby & Toddler area under 4 only.

Please note

– This area is strictly for babies and toddlers only.
– The maximum height of child allowed in this area is stated at the entrance gate.
– Your baby/toddler cannot be supervised by a child and must be supervised by an adult aged 16 or over.

Do you have staff to look after my child?
No, your children’s safety and behaviour always remain the responsibility of the accompanying parent or guardian.  Our staff are present to ensure that the equipment is always used correctly.

Can adults use the play facilities?
Yes, they can but it’s not designed for adults use only children.

Can food or drink be taken into the play area?
No food, drink, or chewing gum toys are allowed in the play area.

Can we bring food with us?
NO FOOD AND DRINKS As is the case with all cafes/restaurants, food/ drinks cannot be brought into the centre (with the exception of birthday cake, baby milk and baby food). We don’t allow any snacks/ food to be bought in at Monkey Playland. There are signs at reception, on the entry gate and in the play centre stating that Foods are not allowed.  If you decide to openly disregard this rule, we will ask you to put your snacks back into your car or remove it from our table.

How old must an adult be to supervise their child?
Adults must be aged 16 or over to supervise.

Are there height restrictions for children?
The only height restriction is for the Baby Area. If your child is taller than the line indicated at the entrance, please do not take your child into the Baby Area.

What about abuse?
We take abuse very seriously.  We will not tolerate any form of verbal, physical or psychological abuse. Abusers will be removed, banned from Monkey Playland and may be reported to the Police.

Can children throw the balls?

What do I do if my child has an accident?
Report it to a member of staff as we may need to record it.

Do you have Rules of Play?
Yes, parents must have read the Rules of Play board at Reception before their children can play.

Parents must ensure their children play in a friendly manner. Children found to be upsetting other children will be asked to leave the play equipment.

We’ve done our best to answer your questions however if you still have any further queries, contact us at info@monkeyplayland.co.uk